Product Condition Policy

The majority of our items are new and fresh from case packs unless otherwise stated in the product title or description. Items without an assigned condition choice have not been inspected/sorted or assigned a product condition, these are products that would not necessarily benefit in value by placing them in a product condition category.

Items assigned a product condition have been individually inspected/sorted before assignment to one of three product conditions: NEW (MT/NMT), NEW (Substandard),  NEW (Damaged Packaging). Acceptable Good Condition, Flawed Cosmetically.

Please review each product condition below to know what you should expect when placing your purchase.

  • NEW (Mint – Near Mint): Items picked fresh from case packs normally considered to be Mint or Near Mint condition. These items may contain small factory imprints, minimal rubbing/scrapes/scratches, or show no obvious signs of defect in the product or packaging of the product. These items are worthy of displaying or sending in for grading.                                                                               


  • NEW (Substandard): Items picked fresh from case packs that may contain minor dog eared/bent corners, veins/creases, rubbing/scrapes, dings/dents, blister dents, scratches, machine imprints, or slightly warped. These items are worthy for display or opening and are the most common condition our case packs items arrive in.


  • NEW (Damaged Packaging): Items picked fresh from case packs that have been damaged. These items have significant packaging problems such as large or multiple dog eared/bent corners, large or multiple veins/creases, rubbing/scrapes, large or multiple dings/dents, blister dents, scratches, or warped cards/packaging, separation of blisters from cards, rips/tears, crushed sides etc.. These items should be removed from packaging


  •  “Acceptable Good Condition”: Playable games that are aesthetically pleasing and considered to be display quality that may include minimal (dings/dents, scuffs/scratches, nicks/chips, discoloring/yellowing, stains/markings).


  •   “Flawed Cosmetically”: Playable games that show noticeable significant (dings/dents, scuffs/scratches, nicks/chips, discoloring/yellowing, stains/markings, label peeling/tears).